About Us

A little bit about us, Adam, Tracey, Daisy and of course Savvy!


Back in 2017 we bought our first house, after over a year of searching we viewed a tired, out of date little cottage that needed huge amounts of work, enough to put anyone off. With rotten wood in places, a roof that needed changing and a garden that hadn't seen love in years. Who knows what drew us to it but to us it was perfect, we had to have it!



Having a little over a year to our wedding from the day we bought the cottage we set to work using evenings and weekends to get it to a liveable state. Pulling walls down, new electrics, new plaster in places and a whole new makeover throughout. We managed to finish the interior, stable block and a little of the garden by the time we got married in the summer of 2018. 


It was important for us when searching for a house that we could keep Savvy, our cheeky 7 year old mare. Loved dearly by Tracey and tolerated by Adam. Savvy now lives at the end of the garden in her newly renovated stables. Tracey bought Savvy in 2016 with the aim of competing up the levels in British Eventing..


While restoring our cottage Tracey's Father introduced us to some wood he had been storing which we could use for making a few things around the house. When he was a young boy around 15 years old a local tree surgeon was cutting down an Elm tree on their family farm which had been left for them to burn, but decided to mill the wood into planks and stored them in the loft of a farm barn. 48 years later we put the wood to good use making our beautiful coffee table and other unique furniture. 


Luckily along side Savvy's stable is a large shed which was perfect for Savvy's Yard workshop, from making the saddle rack for Tracey's tack room to our family heirloom sign, it became obvious that there wasn't anything as unique as this to buy. Our small business idea was then conceived to source and make unique horse gifts and country gifts