Attracting birds to your garden

To attract birds, your garden needs to be attractive to them all year round. A bird-friendly garden not only offers food but water, shelter, nesting sites and protection from predators.

We can tick one item off the list with our gorgeous blue bird box available on our site.


Feeding birds with supplementary foods is very useful but it’s important to provide natural food, too. Berries and seeds are especially important so make sure you have plenty of variety in your garden. Choose your feed carefully to make sure you attract the birds you want. We also change our food regularly to make sure its fresh and dry. Make sure they have water, we have a few buckets of water available for Savvy which the birds love too!


We are lucky we have Savvy's stable at home which the birds love, they also make you jump sometimes when you go in the stable! Having somewhere big or small like this means they can hide from predators if they need and also can keep them safe from the elements.

Nesting Sites:

Birds love a bird box, the smaller the hole your box has the smaller the birds you have nesting. Our bird box has a 32mm entrance hole so its perfect for house sparrows and nuthatches, however it will house smaller birds such as blue, coal and marsh tits. Great tits, tree sparrows and pied flycatchers but keep out the bigger birds. Its also great to encourage natural sites and leave a few small twigs and grass cuttings occasionally to help them build their new home! Grab yourself a sturdy box that's build to last from our site:


Keep your bird box out of reach of cats, if it's on a tree keep it away from branches in easy reach. if you have a cat, put a bell on their collar. If your attracting smaller bird you can put your box in a more difficult area for large pray birds to get too such as under a shelter or porch entrance. Keep your box clean from insects, clean your box at the end of nesting season. You want your birds to feel safe in their nest to encourage them to stay.

Bird Box -

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