Don't wake the baby 👶

It's the early hours of the morning of our first night home and this tiny little creation we have made has now been asleep for around an hour after her 1st feed of the night and its silent, no crying, no wriggling, nothing but silence. The question comes to mind is she breathing?? A small poke and a gentle rock of her body makes her jump as she bursts into that stereotypical baby cry, she's alive! But she's also now awake!

After the first week or so thankfully you begin to realise that a baby is quite tough and you are able to sleep when your baby sleeps. All be it very light sleep waking at coughs, sneezes and those little baby sick's. In just over a week it's amazing how much you learn about your baby, learning what the different signs and crying means. We feel in such a short space of time we are beginning to get our little routine that works for us. She amazing in the daytime, so content and only cries if she's hungry or needs a fresh nappy. She is ok at night however requires more feeding regularly at night being up every 2-3hrs. One afternoon she was fast asleep, one of those sleeps where you can lift her arm and its drops without waking her. We decided to wake her, with the intension of tiring her out a little bit so we could get a longer sleep when we went to bed. What a mistake that was, resulting in a very tiring night!

Daisy born 5.00am Thursday 3rd October


People say you'll be tired but nobody prepares you for how tired you'll be before your baby is even here! We had an induced labour, after arriving at hospital at 10.30am on a Tuesday morning, we slept badly on the first night and didn't sleep at all on the second due to going into labour on Wednesdays evening. After the most emotional, tiring, scary and amazing night we gave birth to our beautiful little girl called Daisy at 5.00am. We have had an amazing pregnancy keeping fit and healthy which paid off as we were home having a well earned Steak and chips for tea that evening.

So 2 weeks with a baby so far? Its amazing and we hope it never changes, we feel so lucky to have her! The most important lesson we've learnt, just don't wake the baby!

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