Finishing off..

Finally after a break in the British winter and spring weather we were finally able to finish our paving stones on the front and rear of the house.

Initially we started just before Christmas and was a job that needed doing prior to do laying the gravel driveway so we had an edge to gravel up to. Laying the rear paving was certainly a challenge with numerous angles to cut and working with a out of level, out of square base made it all the more difficult. Fighting through rain showers and forward planning we were able to prepare and lay the paving slabs and edging over the course of a month.

Now with some warmer dryer weather we were able to finish off the project by pointing in the flags to give it the final finished look. Approximately 35sqM of flags laid, over 80 edging block laid and over 1.5 tonnes of motor.

Despite battling through the winter rain and wind seeing the pictures from before and after certainly makes it all worthwhile.

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