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Its been a busy few months for us here on Savvy’s Yard, what with our new arrival baby Daisy and of course Christmas! Fulfilling Christmas orders and making sure we have everything prepped for our first Christmas with our little one too!

We have also been busy working away in the workshop, recently building a completely bespoke hand-made 8 seater dining table and also creating new home accessories that will stay true to the country inspired.

The recent creation of a 2½ inch thick, eight-foot long pippy oak dining table for a customer’s holiday home. The fabulous design featured two cuts of gloriously knotted timber placed with the live or “waney” edges facing each other, what is known as a “river” table. To give extra strength a metal frame was made which supported the two pieces. A pourable resin fills and sets in the gap between, resulting in a stunning piece which we mounted on heavy duty brass hairpin legs adding a modern twist to the aged oak. For more information and pictures

or if you’d like Savvy’s Yard to build you a bespoke table please visit our website for more details.

Some of the recent creations which we will be adding to the site across January include a lovingly restored whiskey barrel clock. Made from a used oak cask from the highlands, the barrel is stripped down to individual pieces, the wood is lightly sanded just enough to bring back the natural oak colour but not enough to remove the character. The charred inside of the barrel is lightly removed which allows the light smell of whiskey to remain.

The metal hoops are removed and painted and the staves are cut to size to give a good depth to the clock. Once all the pieces are restored and ready the barrel is reassembled and the clock mechanism is added the final addition is the burnt-on Savvy’s Yard brand. The whiskey barrel clock can now be viewed in our “Cottage Decor”collection.

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