Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Here's our story or of how we got our perfect little home!


It all started back in Christmas 2016/17 when we put an offer in on a house, it seemed like the perfect house. Two cosy bedrooms, a snuggly lounge and country kitchen. Outside had a nice big garden with the red brick house sat in the middle. With our plans to completely change the layout of the garden so we could accommodate Savvy. However offer accepted, Christmas turned to spring and spring turned to summer with no further progress, for our mortgage agreement we had to be completed within 6 months of the offer being accepted. As we got closer to this deadline with no end of chasing and urgency from us we soon got the feeling the seller was going to pull out.

We soon fell out of love with the house and decided to look for alternatives. It couldn't have been much more than the first page in on an internet estate agents website and there it was, "3 bedroom cottage complete with land and stables". We soon picked up the phone and viewed the house and immediately knew this was the perfect home. we gave our offer and we had a deal come the following week. A little over 4 months we picked up the keys and spent our first night there with fish and chips on a blow-up bed.

The amount of work that lay ahead was huge, much more than we anticipated. Replaced kitchen roof, new wiring, stables re-clad and anew driveway. It never seemed to end however with hard work and determination 18months later and we are almost there!

See the pictures from when we got the keys!

To be continued...

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