Social Media Vs Reality

We all know that most people share an idealised version of themselves or their lives on social media, cherry-picking only the best images, thoughts, and experiences to share with the world. We are all guilty of this and we have been certainly over the last few weeks posting our amazing experience with our beautiful little Daisy. Although it has been the most wonderful experience for us and quite rightly we have wanted to shout out loud about it, it has also been one of the hardest and most tiring experiences of our lives.

I follow many people on Instagram and facebook that portray a perfect lifestyle, more so over my 9 month pregnancy following new parents which we can get caught up under the impression that we should be living a life that is happy and bouncing full of energy all the time.

I wanted to do a post a little more true to reality and to say nobody lives the idyllic "instagram" lifestyle, this is us on Sunday morning after sleep that we counted in minutes not hours trying (and failing) to get some rest in the day. Daisy was fed and she was on her 5th nappy and 3rd outfit of the day due to making plenty of mess during changes and yet we still weren't happy. We've now hit the 3/4 week old colic stage in her life, although she's fed, clean, dry and healthy despite our best efforts sometimes she can be difficult to settle and sooth. Although quite normal for a baby of this age, it makes for upsetting and very tiring nights without being able to catch up in the day. Thankfully we can manage her better now and the discomfort for daisy is few and far between.

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