Website change and new products coming soon!

We have certainly been busy over the last few months what with the baby bump growing, we have finished a few jobs around the house and getting the nursery finished. Along with getting everything we might need with the imminent arrival of our baby and not to mention looking after Savvy! Although she is at the farm in her field happily eating grass we still check up on her daily and to keep her field clean for her. All of this means we haven’t been able to focus on “Savvy’s Yard” as much as we would have liked.

Having been busy with other things it meant we have been able to reflect on what and where we want Savvy’s Yard to be. One thing that we think is most important of all is being able to see what we do, so a new layout that categorises our range that makes navigation easier was needed. The second thing we felt was needed is having enough range and choice to our products we offer, we want to be able to make and sell great quality homeware, gifts and accessories that suit our theme of country and horse inspired living. Therefore, we have been sourcing and making new products that will be arriving soon.

We will have new additions to our home accessories, a jewellery range inspired by our love of horses, a stable and garden section and country inspired accessories such as scarves and bags. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we introduce our hand chosen selection of products to our site. We love to know what you think of our new layout!

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