Braided Key-charm
  • Braided Key-charm

    A charming horse hair key-charm. The gorgeous stainless steel key-charm can keep your horse with you at all times.


    Using the hair from your special horse and made using 4 strands in to a round braid. If you wish you can also have up to 4 horses hair braided together. You have a choice of one bead you'd like to be on the key-charm too. 


    This is a unique look and special to the owner. We understand how important a horse is and what it means to us. Our horse hair jewellery can truly make it memorable forever.


    How do i order?

    Simply place your order online and post your horses hair to us and let us do the rest. Once your order is placed we will contact you with instructions where to send.


    How long will it take?

    From receipt of your horse hair its usually 2-3 weeks, we will let you know we have received your hair. It will be washed and prepared prior to making.


    How Much hair do i need to send?

    For this item we will require a 4mm bunch (about the thickness of a pencil) of hair and 20cm in length. Mane or tail can be used however tail is prefferable as its harder wearing.