Horse Hair Necklace - Heart
  • Horse Hair Necklace - Heart

    Please note: Due to covid-19 there could be a delay item's containing silver. Please send us a message or contact us on this item so before you order for an accurate delivery date. 


    A stunning horse hair necklace. The gorgeous sterling silver heart necklace with two horse hair braided inlays. Available in two sizes. Large currently out of stock 


    Hold your horse close to your heart with this stunning piece. A hand-crafted piece made from sterling silver. Using the hair from your special horse.


    This horse hair necklace comes complete with chain, measuring 45cm in length. The necklace and chain are both solid sterling silver, not plated.


    This is a unique look and special to the wearer. We understand how important a horse is and what it means to us. Our horse hair jewellery can truly make it memorable forever.


    How do i order?

    Choose your preferred size and simply place your order online and post your horses hair to us and let us do the rest. Once your order is placed we will contact you with instructions where to send.


    How long will it take?

    From receipt of your horse hair its usually 2-3 weeks, we will let you know we have received your hair. It will be washed and prepared prior to making.


    How Much hair do i need to send?

    For this item we will require 4mm bunch of hair over 10cm in length. Mane or tail are perfect



    Large measures 33mm by 35mm, approx 3.8mm thick

    Small measures 20mm by 22mm , approx 2.8mm thick


    The chain is "snake style" sterling silver and measures 45cm