Personalised horse hair bracelet

Personalised horse hair bracelet

A personalised horse hair bracelet. This unique braided horse hair bracelet will keep your cherished horse with you at all times. The bracelet comes with a heart charm which can be personalised as you wish. Finished with stainless steel end cap and clasp.


Using the hair from your special horse are braided into 4 strands creating a round braid. If you wish up to 4 horses hair can used to create this horse hair bracelet.


We understand how important horses and animals are, and what it means to us. Our horse hair jewellery can truly make it memorable forever.


How do i order?

Simply place your order online and post your horses hair to us and let us do the rest. Once your order is placed we will contact you with instructions where to send.


How long will it take?

From receipt of your horse hair its usually 2-3 weeks, we will let you know we have received your hair. It will be washed and prepared prior to making.


How Much hair do i need to send?

We will require 5-6mm of hair which is no less than the width of a standard pencil. The length of hair you send must wrap loosely around your wrist twice. Tail is harder wearing.



This horse hair bracelet can be personalised with engraving on the heart. Up to 20 characters can be used including spaces. 2 lines with 10 characters per line.



17 / 18 / 19/ 20 / 21cm